Our Team

  • General Inquiries
    General Inquiries Ask a Question
  • Cheryl Dowell
    Cheryl Dowell Curator / Grand Catalyst
  • Teri Kingston
    Teri Kingston Speaker Coach
  • Terry Lipovski
    Terry Lipovski Speaker Coach
  • Cara Gooding
    Cara Gooding People Operations Manager
  • Krystal Valencia
    Krystal Valencia Experience Director
  • Egle Jankauskaite
    Egle Jankauskaite Event operations coordinator
  • Jason Daley
    Jason Daley
  • Naina Kansal
    Naina Kansal Logistics Coordinator
  • Fangyuan Lin
    Fangyuan Lin Webmaster
  • Sylvain Rochon
    Sylvain Rochon The Paradise Engineer

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