2019 Speakers

Frank O’Dea

Co-founder, Second Cup
Officer of the Order of Canada, Humanitarian

Want to learn more? www.frankodea.com

Facebook: Frank O’Dea

Linkedin: Frank O’Dea

Amira Elghawaby

Journalist and Human Rights Advocate

Follow Amira on Twitter @AmiraElghawaby

Steve Day

Founder Canadian National Counter-Terrorist Task Force Commander

Mitchell Beer

Publisher, The Energy Mix and President, Smarter Shift

Follow Robin on Twitter @mitchellbeer and @theenergymix 

Facebook: Mitchell Beer

Guy Laflamme

Director and Producer of Ottawa 2017

Dan Hendry

Sustainable Initiatives Coordinator

Want to learn more?  www.dhendry.com

Twitter:  @SustainableDan

LinkedIn: Daniel Hendry

Keisha & Teagan Simpson

Live Life Unfiltered Movement

Instagram: @livelife_unfiltered

Facebook: @LLUnfiltered

Mathieu Fleury

Ottawa City Councillor

Twitter: @MathieuFleury

Instagram: @matfleury

Facebook: Mathieu Fleury

Marcus Miller

Marcus The Artyst and Co-Founder of Math+Music

Want to learn more? www.marcustheartyst.com

Stefan Keyes – MC

CTV Weekend News Anchor

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